About Us

images4NEXT consortium comprises 3 high-technology SMEs (Explora Biotech, Avanticell ltd, Cellon SA), 2 universities (University of Geneva and University of Brighton) and 1 clinical centre (Istituto Mediterraneo per i Trapianti e Terapie ad Alta Specializzazione).
The research consortium has been designed with careful attention to gather an outstanding expertise both from the scientific point of view and from the industrial one. Moreover, very strong clinical partners are in the consortium (UNIGE and ISMETT), which ensure the direct link with the final users. The consortium is also well integrated from the point of view of the industrial participating partners: the 3 SMEs are perfectly integrated in the prospective value chain in case of successful future commercialization.
Special attention has been also dedicated to the European dimension of the Consortium, in order to optimise the quality of research, while ensuring market coverage for future commercial exploitation.
NEXT consortium is truly interdisciplinary, integrating knowledge in different disciplines: Biochemistry and protein engineering is covered by EXP, who will contribute to the design and synthesis of IPSs. For such as concern the UoB, it will partner will involve 2 research groups with expertise in biomaterials and tissue engineering (Brighton Studies in Tissue-mimicry and Aided Regeneration-BRIGHTSTAR) and the Diabetes Research Group (DRG). ACS is a SME developing cell-based assays, and expertise in toxicology and biocompatibility analysis. Immunology and immunopharmacology are covered by ISMETT
a research centre that will contribute also due to their knowledge in diabetology and  xenotransplant model. Pre-clinical studies will be performed by the UNIGE, which will involve the group of Prof. Thierry Berney, expert in transplantation surgey and in islet transplantations.